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No. 57: Team-up of Unlikely Superheroes #1

Team-up of Unlikely Superheroes #1

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Strip by: Matt Albrecht

Caption: Team-up of Unlikely Superheroes #1
Ambrose: {as Thoreau} Transcendentalists, assemble!
Caption: Captain Disobedience (Ambrose Thoreau)
Caption: The First of Fruitlands (Oliver Alcott)
Caption: Meri "The Boss" Peabody
Caption: Dr. Utopia (Delkin Emerson)

The author writes:

The characters represent famous American Transcendentalists. From left to right:

Henry David Thoreau, who is famous for his work "Civil Disobedeance". This image is under the Public Domain.

Amos Bronson Alcott, who founded the utopian community known as "Fruitlands". This image is under the Public Domain.

Elizabeth Peabody, who owned the book store where the community gathered, and operated the business side for their journal, "The Dial". The image is from Encyclopedia Britannica, and is in the Public Domain.

Ralph Waldo Emerson can be said to be one of the leaders for the Transcendentalist movement. The name here is kind of a joke, since he predicted that Alcott's Utopian community Fruitlands would fail. This image, too, is in the Public Domain.