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No. 512: A little rockin' the boat

A little rockin' the boat

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Strip by: DEIDATVM

{Ambrose is beaming and holding an Arkansas-shaped balloon; Samantha frowns as she holds up a picket sign; Delkin, as a pirate, prepares to cut a large effigy of Arkansas}
Ambrose's shirt: I saw Arkansas!
Samantha's sign: Eyesore Arkansas!
Delkin: Aye, saw Arkansas!

The author writes:

Here's a dumb trick I learnt: If you have your shading layer with darken mode on or a lighting layer on lighten, copy it and blur it to oblivion. Boom! Instant bloom.


Inspired by the confusion caused by LTDave's LMoO #215.

Some, all or none of the above may be homophonous. In my own Hudson Valley accent, "Eyesore" doesn't fit.

I am absolutely sure "I" and "aye" (in this sense) are always homophones, but I feel like being proven wrong.