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No. 41: The Lost Tome of Schrödinger

The Lost Tome of Schrödinger

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Strip by: Jemppu, Chris Mann

{A shored-up cave entrance. Holly and Ambrose are archaeologists walking through caverns.}
Holly: Remind me again, Dr. Ambrose, what are we doing down here?
Ambrose: My dear ...
Ambrose: ... we are searching for the Lost Tome of Schrödinger.
Holly: And how did it get down here?
Ambrose: Actually, I don't know if it is here.
Holly: Okay ... then why are we—
Ambrose: {interrupting} Because ...!
Ambrose: ... you'll never know unless you look!

The author writes:

Script by: Chris Mann
Art by: Jemppu

Chris says:
There's a Lost Tome of Heisenberg, too, and Ambrose knows where it is, but hasn't got a clue how fast it's going.

Jemppu says:
The last panel was the first of Ambrose to get drawn, and his whole character here grew out of that posture.