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No. 382: Super Sammy and Blue Dragon Showdown!

Super Sammy and Blue Dragon Showdown!

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Strip by: Matt Albrecht

{ Super Sammy stands in a nondescript room.}
Super Sammy: Blue Dragon! Come and face me! The time of our final battle has come! Let us end these petty disputes once and for all!
Blue Dragon: {standing in a doorway} Yes! At last, we shall settle the matter of mortals worshiping the Greatness of Me, or the pathetic wimperings of you good-doers. Our battle shall be glorious! And remembered throughout the ages!
Voice from behind the door: Blue, hun, your dinner's getting cold.
Super Sammy: Did I come at a bad time?
Blue Dragon: No, no. It's fine. Please, let's continue.
Green Dragon: {coming from doorway} Oh, you must be a friend of Blue. We're just sitting down to eat, but you're welcome to join us. Bluey, don't be long, now.
Super Sammy: Because I can reschedule this. My calendar's open all week.
Blue Dragon: Look, Super Sammy, I'm really sorry about all that. It's just a misunderstanding. This is still a good time.
Super Sammy: Actually, I'm feeling kind of hungry. Mind if I take it with me?
Green Dragon: That's fine. I'll wrap it in Aluminium for you.
Blue Dragon: Curses! Foiled again!

The author writes:

My first attempt at using a green screen for compositing images.