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No. 195: The Clueless Assistant

The Clueless Assistant

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Strip by: Panpear

Holly: I've always thought the Professor on Gilligan's Island was creepy.
Ambrose: Why is that?
Holly: He's an older guy, right? And then he has Mary Ann, a pretty young girl, be his assistant. And then he flirts with her.
Holly: I mean, nothing is creepier than an old man hiring a young girl to work for him, right?
{beat, stern look from Ambrose}
Holly: What!?

The author writes:

adhok drew the characters, and Qvaak coloured them. I did the background (though who really wallpapers their house in pink?!).

Truth be told, I haven't watched Gilligan's Island in a long time, and have only seen a few episodes, so Mary Ann and The Professor's relationship may be embellished.