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No. 190: That Burger-Munchin' Hippy

That Burger-Munchin' Hippy

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Strip by: manyhills

Samantha: {driving a car} Man! That burger-munchin' hippy cut me up!
Samantha: {getting out of the car} I'm gonna punch his lights out!
Holly: {in the passenger seat} Wait! Think! What would Jesus do?
{scene change: two headstone in the ground}
Headstone 1: Well, technically...
Headstone 2: Shut. Up.

The author writes:

I am told that the American equivalent of "cut me up" is "cut me off". I've never been cut up - I can't drive - but the telly seems to make it out as an eternally annoying happenstance so here we are.

Incidentally, I often find that the back half of my non-Euclidean car disappears into a haze of pale indistinctness.