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No. 119: The Jade Owl Affair: Episode 5

The Jade Owl Affair: Episode 5

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Strip by: LTDave

Title: The Jade Owl Affair: Episode 5
Subtitle: The Whole Truth!
{Holly is serving behind a counter labelled "Liquor & Insurance"}
Holly: All right! I admit it! I stole the Jade Owl!
Oliver: But why, Holly?
Delkin: Why would you want to steal the object that prevents the town being destroyed by fire? (According to ancient prophecy?)
Holly: With the Jade owl around, no one in town buys fire insurance. With it stolen, everyone will want some! I'll be rich! Rich, I tell you!
Oliver: But you'd have to pay out on the insurance when the town is destroyed!
Delkin: Only if she doesn't return the Owl...