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No. 950: Christmasfield

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First | Previous | 2011-12-25 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Lunatic Person

Garfield: This is my very first Christmas.
Garfield: Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings.
Garfield: I love Christmas.
Garfield: It's the loving. Merry Christmas.
Garfield: I love you all.
Garfield: It's the expensive gifts that impress me.
Jon: Merry Christmas, boys!
Garfield: This is my favorite morning of the whole year. All our differences are set aside and all the love we feel for one another is wrappede up in the gifts we have made with care. I love Christmas.
Jon: Let's see if Santa brought gifts for all the good little children.
Jon: For me? How sweet!
Garfield: I wish it would never end.
Mom, Grandma, Doc Boy and Dad: Surprise!
SFX: Whap!
Jon: Christmas morning.
Garfield: Should I never open it in order to preserve the hope and magic that is the true gift of the Christmas season?
Garfield: Gotcha!
Grandma: Hiya, sweeties!
Mom, Jon, Doc Boy and Dad: Grandma!
Garfield: Now it's Christmas!
Jon: What a great Christmas, Garfield.
Jon: Christmas morning, however...
Garfield: Merry Christmas.
Garfield: Peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.
Garfield: Merry Christmas.
Garfield: Merry Christmas.
Jon: I love Christmas.
Garfield: So do I.
Garfield: You know, that Santa is even nicer than I thought...
Garfield: It's Christmas!
Garfield: Merry Christmas!
Garfield: Time to exchange our annual Christmas gift...
Jon: How do you like your gift, Garfield?
Garfield: Gift?
Jon: Christmas mornings get earlier every year.
Garfield: Which one should we open first, Odie.
Liz: Oh, Jon... a charm bracelet! How darling!
Garfield {upside down}: Merry Christmas!
Garfield: I gotta give him this one.
Jon: Merry Christmas, Liz.
Liz: Oh, Jon! A music box!
Caption: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The author writes:

This strip was made using one panel from every strip published on Christmas. The repeated use of "Merry Christmas" is evident.

Original strips: 1978-12-25, 1979-12-25, 1980-12-25, 1981-12-25, 1982-12-25, 1983-12-25, 1984-12-25, 1985-12-25, 1986-12-25, 1987-12-25, 1988-12-25, 1989-12-25, 1990-12-25, 1991-12-25, 1992-12-25, 1993-12-25, 1994-12-25, 1995-12-25, 1996-12-25, 1997-12-25, 1998-12-25, 1999-12-25, 2000-12-25, 2001-12-25, 2002-12-25, 2003-12-25, 2004-12-25, 2005-12-25, 2006-12-25, 2007-12-25, 2008-12-25, 2009-12-25, 2010-12-25.