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No. 914: Yawn - Bat

First | Previous | 2011-11-19 | Next | Latest

Yawn - Bat

First | Previous | 2011-11-19 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Colin Foster

{John yawns widely}
{A wide panel showing a ball of yarn in Jon's mouth, with Garfield in a post-throwing pose. Jon is mad, Garfield is pleased.}

The author writes:

When I saw this in my daily comics e-mail yesterday (2011-09-14), I got confused by the layout. Jon's yawn makes sense in the first panel, but the second panel shows Garfield having thrown the ball and the third Jon looking angry. In humour terms, it sort of makes sense, but spatially, it's all wrong. At the very least, they could've put the "BAT!" sound effect in the second panel. But this seemed like a more visually interesting solution.

Original strip: 2011-09-14.