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No. 885: Square Root of Minus Garfield's Hue 2

Square Root of Minus Garfield's Hue 2

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Strip by: Neil

SFX: bip beep boop boop {Jon dials a phone}
Jon: Hello Evelyn? This is Jon Arbuckle.
Jon: Would you care to join me in a little fine dining this weekend?
Jon: I know this cozy little out-of-the-way seafood bistro...
Jon: Wonderful food... great atmosphere...
Jon: Pardon?
Jon: Stinky Bob's Sushi Bar and Bait Shack.
Garfield: Cue the crushing rejection.

The author writes:

As with Square Root of Minus Garfield's Hue, the same operation of taking the square root of the hue has been applied. Here I choose a square root hue range that includes the hue nearest to yellow.

Original strip: 2002-09-01.