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No. 857: Gayfield

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First | Previous | 2011-09-23 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Colin Foster

{Jon is carrying a pizza}
Jon: The pizza was delivered by a man.
Garfield: A pizza man?
{Garfield grabs Jon's head in a rush}
Garfield: MARRY HIM!

The author writes:

Worried about creative stagnancy and dwindling readership, Jim Davis shocks the funny pages with the revelation that Jon Arbuckle is gay, and that in a future strip, he would come out of the closet. Thousands of letters of protest pour in, admonishing Davis for sullying the sanctity of the comics page. As a result, Davis retracts the statement, quickly places Jon in a relationship with Liz, and scraps the few completed strips mentioning the plot point.

[[Original strip: 1996-05-25.]]

Original strip: 1996-05-25.