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No. 822: NESField 2 (Final Fantasy - Garland + Garfield)

NESField 2 (Final Fantasy - Garland + Garfield)

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Strip by: unstattedCommoner

{Left of panel: Garfield sprite. Right of panel: Black Mage, Red Mage, Fighter, and Thief sprites.}
Garfield: I, Garfield, will knock you all down!

The author writes:

One of the earliest SRoMG strips (#21) is a selection of Garfield sprites. Substituting Garfield for Final Fantasy's Garland is such an obvious use that I'm surprised it hasn't been done already.

Garfield sprite obtained from SRoMG #21.

Final Fantasy sprites (obtained from http://www.videogamesprites.net) are copyright Square Enix Co. Ltd. and used only as a vehicle for parody.