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No. 803: Stuck

First | Previous | 2011-07-31 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2011-07-31 | Next | Latest

Strip by: cappy

Jon: Hey, watermelon seeds stick to your face!
Jon: This does not work!
Jon: Well, my head is stuck in a wastebasket.
{Jon has a plunger on his face}
Jon: My hands are caught in pickle jars.
Jon: How did you do it?
Jon: Or maybe it's because you glued my hand to my face!!
{Garfield dumps his food bowl on Jon's face}
Jon: Well, Garfield glued me to the chair again.
Jon: You glued my elbows to the table again, didn't you?
Jon: Have you been playing with the glue again?
Jon: I glued a blender to my face.
Jon: I accidentally glued a piece of paper to my face.
Jon: I have gum and a potted plant stuck on my head.
Jon: My hands are stuck to the counter.
Jon: I'm stuck in the bathtub!
Jon: Garfield! My head's stuck in the towel rack!
Jon: I even stuck French fries in my ears and hung a spoon on my nose.
Jon: I've got a bat stuck in my hair!
Jon: Ever had a mizzenmast stuck up your-
Garfield: No, and let's talk about anything else right now.

The author writes:

Original comics: 1999-08-15, 1999-07-12, 1997-11-30, 1997-08-21, 1996-02-29, 1995-09-16, 1993-04-02, 1993-01-26, 1987-06-30, 2008-04-26, 2007-05-28, 2006-10-21, 2006-06-07, 2006-01-07, 2005-05-12, 2005-04-29, 2005-01-26, 2004-03-15, 2002-02-01, 2001-09-07.