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No. 761: None so Blind as Who Won't See

None so Blind as Who Won't See

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Strip by: DanielBT

SFX: bat bat
SFX: zip! {Garfield gets caught in blind}
Garfield: What a bummer. Here I am wrapped up in window blind.
Garfield: Just a bump in the road of destiny, just a hump on the camel of fate, just a lump in the throat of misfortune.
Garfield: If I expand the muscles in my body, maybe I can burst my way out of this blind.
Garfield: Drat! I forgot.
{Garfield struggles}
{Garfield almost gets out of the blinds}
Jon: Hey, Garfield.
Jon: What are you doing up there?
Jon: Let me get you out of that blind, Garfield.
{Jon pulls the blind down and Garfield is spun around crazily}

The author writes:

Garfield really seems to get caught up in these roller blinds a lot.

Original strips: 1979-12-17, 1979-12-18, 1979-12-19, 1979-12-20, 1979-12-21, 1979-12-22.