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No. 736: Garfoot

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First | Previous | 2011-05-25 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Andrew Kepple

{A progression showing the increasing size of Garfield's foot over the years}

The author writes:

Each picture of Garfield (since he started being drawn as having human feet instead of cat paws) taken for this survey was rescaled so that his foot size would be constant, so as to demonstrate the gradual change more dramatically. Is the increasing foot size a consequence of him walking on his hind legs now? Are they increasing in size like counterweights to his ever-increasing weight of body fat? Or are they food reserves themselves, storing essential vitamins for his body, like a camel's hump?

Not that scale was ever that important in Garfield comics (see SRoMG #426)...

Original strips: 1984-01-26, 1991-01-19, 1994-02-04, 2008-02-02, 2010-01-31.