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No. 669: Birthdays

First | Previous | 2011-03-19 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2011-03-19 | Next | Latest

Strip by: DanielBT

Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield. I have a surprise for you.
Jon: Happy first birthday, Garfield! Make a wish and blow out the candle.
Garfield: What a wonderful surprise!
Jon: Happy birthday Garfield!
Jon: This is the perfect surprise. It's much too early for Garfield to be up.
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield! I got you a rubber chicken. They're lots of fun!
Garfield: We'll see about that.
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield!
Garfield: I had a feeling this was coming.
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield! We love you!
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield!!!
Garfield: That sure is a lot of candles.
Jon: Happy 10th birthday, Garfield!
Garfield: If you brought me presents, you may stay.
Garfield: Okay, I'll be the birthday cat, and you be the cake: Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to meee. Happy birthday dear Garfield, happy birthday tooo meee!
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield!
SFX: click
Garfield: Do these guys know me, or do these guys know me?
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield! What would you like to do today?
Garfield: Oh, considering my age, not much.
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield! Ready for your cake?
Garfield: Just a minute!
Jon: Happy birthday, Garfield!
Jon: Surprise!!!
Jon: Happy 17th.
Garfield: Practice! That was practice!
Jon: Make a wish!
Garfield: I'm thinking! I'm thinking!
Jon: Happy birthday!
Garfield: It's just me.
Jon: Happy 20th birthday, Garfield!
Garfield: Time to start lying about my age.
Garfield: Yes, yes, I know it's my birthday.
Jon: ...Annd your birthday!
Garfield: But what do I know?!
Garfield: It's my birthday and I get to do anything I want!
Mouse: Happy birthday, big guy!
Garfield: I'm not eating that.
Garfield: Today is my 25th birthday and I want to thank you for reading me.
Garfield: Sigh... 26... Another birthday... Another year... Another...
Garfield: Another birthday.
Jon: Instead of all those birthday candles...
Garfield: I'm off my diet!!
Garfield: No contest.
Jon: Happy Birthday!
Liz: Happy Birthday!
Jon: Happy Birthday, Garfield!
Liz: Happy Birthday, Garfield!
Garfield: What's this?
Liz: Happy Birthday, Garfield!
Garfield: I stand corrected.

The author writes:

A compilation of single panels of 32 years worth of the June 19th strip (Garfield's birthday). I chose the ones that closely adhered to the birthday idea, rather than an earlier date. The only exception being the 0th birthday, June 20th, 1978, the day after the first strip. (That's one big kitten.)

Original strips: 1988-06-20, 1989-06-19, 1980-06-19, 1981-06-19, 1982-06-19, 1983-06-19, 1984-06-19, 1985-06-19, 1986-06-19, 1987-06-19, 1988-06-19, 1989-06-19, 1990-06-19, 1991-06-19, 1992-06-19, 1993-06-19, 1994-06-19, 1995-06-19, 1996-06-19, 1997-06-19, 1998-06-19, 1999-06-19, 2000-06-19, 2001-06-19, 2002-06-19, 2003-06-19, 2004-06-19, 2005-06-19, 2006-06-19, 2007-06-19, 2008-06-19, 2009-06-19, 2010-06-19.