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No. 641: ¡Garfield Mexicano, La Versión Mejorada!

¡Garfield Mexicano, La Versión Mejorada!

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Strip by: Bobby "TenPoundHammer" Peacock

TV: Pues, chico, sse es el último de los frijoles.
TV: Sì, parece que tendremos que comer al gato.
TV: Yo traigo las tortillas.
Garfield: Ellos van a reciber una carta desagradable.

Translation from Spanish:
TV: Well, pardner, that was the last bean.
TV: Yup, looks like we'll have to eat the cat.
TV: I'll get the taco shells.
Garfield: Boy, are they going to get a nasty letter.

The author writes:

This is a corrected version of #532 with more accurate Spanish. Thanks to rgoro on the forum for helping me! I'm sure there might still be an error somewhere but, at the very least, this is a lot closer. If not, maybe this'll start some sort of meme about "correcting" the Spanish even further...

Original strip is still 1990-05-25.