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No. 521: Nightmare Fuel Garfield

Nightmare Fuel Garfield

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Strip by: Anonymous

{Jon and Garfield are sitting at the kitchen table with Garfield lying in his bed}
(Jon and Garfield's eyes disappear}
{Jon and Garfield's mouths disappear}
{a hole in the shape of a spider appears on Jon's face, while a thin opening appears on Garfield's face}
{a strange tongue shape comes out of the opening on Garfield's face}
{the tongue formation continues to move, meanwhile, a second spider-shaped hole appears on Jon's face}
{the tongue formation branches off into a second part, meanwhile, a third hole appears on Jon's face}
{the newly split tongue makes its way forward, meanwhile, the third hole on Jon's face expands larger}
{the tongue formation, in what looks like a pretzel shape, puts itself into the third hole on Jon's face}

The author writes:

Admin note: A reader sent in this bizarre creation of some unknown Internet denizen somewhere. He comments:

These are great examples of the bizarre nature of the Internet. It could be fun to try and analyse these and try to understand the original point or inspiration.

Original strip: 2005-01-10.