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No. 350: Subliminal Revealed Garfield

Subliminal Revealed Garfield

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Strip by: qvaak

{Garfield lying on an airbed on a long, thin, rounded-end pool.}
{Garfield answers the door. A man is there, wearing a shirt with "Ed's Dong Repair" on it.}

The author writes:

If you write myriad strips, you are bound to make some with unintentional dirty humour. Quite possibly you'll also make some with intentionally hidden dirty humour. I'm not the first one to pick this one out, not even the hundredth, I'd guess. With a quick search you can see the last panel is already floating around the net cut loose of its original context. No less the reason to have the strip recognised here too. Also, I think the title panel with a phallic swimming pool and Garfield sporting his tail somewhat suggestively adds a nice extra seasoning.

Original strip: 1999-07-11.