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No. 338: Hubert & Reba

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Hubert & Reba

First | Previous | 2010-04-22 | Next | Latest

Strip by: DanielBT

Jon: Arrrrrrrgh!
Dog: Bark.
Garfield: Mrow!
Hubert: Pack your bags, Reba. The neighborhood's gone strange.
Reba: Eeek! Look, Hubert! Peeping Toms!
Hubert: Don't flatter yourself, Reba. Now go hide the silver.
Jon: Hey, world! I'm taking a bath! Come in and watch!
Reba: I'll be right back.
Hubert: I'm sure the man's joking, Reba.
Hubert: Isn't that disgusting? Just look at that, Reba!
Reba: I'm looking! I'm looking!
Jon: Play cowboy and horsy, boys. Do a handstand, Garfield. Balance on Garfield, Odie.
Reba: Sad.
Hubert: He should get out of the house more.
Jon: Unnngh!
Garfield: Eat'em! Eat'em!
Reba: Hubert! The cat's feeding Jon!
Hubert: Pack your bags, Reba! We're moving for sure this time!
Jon: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hubert: Call the wagon, Reba! That's not a natural laugh!
Hubert: Call the funny farm, Reba! Arbuckle's finally gone off the deep end!
Garfield: Rowr.
Odie: Yip! Yip!
Jon: Bark! Bark!
Hubert: Reba! Come here and look at this. But you'd better cinch up your corset first!
Jon: I don't know what got into my cat! I'm really sorry.
Hubert: Nonsense! That's the most exercise Reba's had in years!
Jon: Help! Chair! Help! Chair!
Reba: Never seen a chair go bad like that before.
Hubert: Back in '39 I had a hassock with an attitude.
Jon: Everybody! Hop! Hop! Hop!
Reba: Hubert, I'm very afraid.
Hubert: Shut up and conga.
Garfield: You've gotta love the "cold, wet swim trunks dance".
Jon: Yee! Yee! Hooooo haaaah!!
Reba: Hubert, call a cop!!

The author writes:

This is all of the appearances of Jon's elderly neighbours, Hubert & Reba, who're practically the Statler & Waldorf Greek chorus who constantly remark upon seeing Jon's weirdness second-hand. One can only wonder what they could think if they encountered it First-hand.

We don't know much about them, save that they have a small purple dog who Garfield encountered in his first Animated Special and bullied a bit in several of the early strips. Interestingly enough, Hubert's appearance is remarkably different in the strip with the mailman as opposed to the others. Reba seems to be disturbingly interested in Jon's body.

I felt that the last strip was kind of a cheat, since neither of them actually appeared on-panel, but included it for completeness, as well as helping it fill out the last bit of white space.

You can find the relevant strips here: http://garfield.nfshost.com/?s=hubert+reba Original strips are: 1982-11-07, 1983-12-04, 1984-09-16, 1984-10-07, 1985-03-03, 1986-07-20, 1986-08-28, 1987-03-15, 1987-09-20, 1989-04-02, 1992-01-19, 1999-10-17, 2007-08-12.

Strangely enough, searching for either name alone shows that Garfield had an Uncle Hubert and an Aunt Reba.