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No. 2790: Days Of Rotated Punchlines Seven

First | Previous | 2017-01-07 | Next | Latest

Days Of Rotated Punchlines Seven

First | Previous | 2017-01-07 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Sloublues

Jon: I'm always looking for ways to improve my brain
Garfield: Hmmm...
Garfield: No more jalapeƱo poppers before bed

{Odie and Garfield are on a desert island. They desperately pull a crate out of the ocean. It's full of "1000 dingle balls". Odie is pleased; Garfield is not.}
Jon: Nightmare?
Garfield: Or start me

Garfield: Nothing can stop me!
{Garfield just lies there.}
Garfield: And now, slightly less me

Garfield: Stay tuned for more me
{Garfield stares at the audience as he slowly sinks behind the table.}
Garfield: I ate your dinner

{Garfield sits behind the fence. Arlene arrives.}
Arlene: How do you like it when I'M late for a date?
Garfield: Is winter over?

Jon: Check it out, Garfield
Jon: My collection is almost complete!
Jon: Just one more fingernail!
Garfield: WE could do better

Jon: You're the best girlfriend ever!
Jon: And you're the best pet ever!
Garfield: {to Liz} Have you considered a fresh coat of paint?

The author writes:

That fourth strip got creepy.

Bonus round: Replace the punchline to every strip with "I ate your dinner". Whether this means every strip presented above, or every comic strip you encounter for the rest of your life, is left to your judgment.

Original strips: 2016-02-20, 2016-02-21, 2016-02-22, 2016-02-23, 2016-02-24, 2016-02-25, 2016-02-26.