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No. 2665: Garfield's Ballet Saga

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Garfield's Ballet Saga

First | Previous | 2016-09-04 | Next | Latest

Strip by: KelpTheGreat

{Title panel is of Garfield in a ballerina's pink tutu}
{Garfield is asleep and spinning in place on one foot, which grabs Jon's attention away from his newspaper. Jon is startled. Garfield dances a moment longer and then resumes a normal catnapping posture.}
Garfield: Z Z Z Z Z Z
Jon: I've never seen Garfield do ballet before.
{The next morning, Jon in his pajamas approaches Garfield}
Jon: You were sleepwalking last night. Doing ballet moves.
Garfield: I've always wanted to be a ballerina.
{Jon presents Garfield with a pair of pink toe shoes}
Jon: I think it's good for you to have a hobby! Here, try these.
Garfield: Ballet shoes!
{Garfield puts on the shoes and starts dancing}
Garfield: For a dweeb, Jon can be pretty cool sometimes. What a nice gift. This is great!
{Some time later}
Jon: I know I said it was good for Garfield to have a hobby.
{Garfield and Odie are now both in full ballet dress and dancing their cares away}
Jon: However, I'm getting sick of "Swan Lake."

The author writes:

I always thought it was strange for such a fat, lazy slob (you don't think he heard me say that, do you?) to be so enthusiastic about such a high-energy art as ballet. I searched through my Garfield books to find as many mentions of ballet as I could, and came up with my longest strip yet, with a cohesive narrative, even! I'm sure that I must have missed a few ballet mentions though, so feel free to remix this strip if you find any that I missed.

Original strips: 1984-08-12, 1991-08-31, 1992-09-18, 2002-01-13, 2013-03-14.

Title image from here.