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No. 2219: Girlfriend

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First | Previous | 2015-06-16 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Mr B Natural

Jon: Going out to the fence to see your Garfield?
Garfield: Ha ha.
Garfield: Hi. Arlene.
Arlene: Hi, girlfriend.
Garfield: Jon thinks you're my Garfield.
Arlene: Am I?
Garfield: Be right back.
{Garfield walks toward Jon}
{Garfield smacks Jon}
Garfield: See what you started?!
Doc boy: I have a new Garfield now, Jon.
Jon: Really?
Man: My Garfield is ashamed to be with me.
Jon: Amen, brother!
Garfield: Odie has a Garfield!
Jon: And a Garfield, and some chest hair, and some personality and...
Garfield: Never saw the fat guy fight back tears before.
Jon: Having a Garfield changes everything, girlfriend.
Jon: I can't believe Liz is my Garfield, girlfriend!
Woman: Let's see, could you picture your Garfield in this, sir?
Woman: Sir?
Garfield: Okay now open up... Here comes the choo choo...
Jon: Hi mom... Guess what? I have a Garfield!
Jon: I'm looking for a gift for my Garfield.
Woman: How about perfume?
Jon: Do you remember my old Garfield Ingrid?
Garfield: Nope.
Garfield: So what? So your Garfield beat you at miniature golf... so she cooks better than you... so she's smarter than you...
{Garfield thinks for a moment}
Garfield: You are pathetic.
Santa: We just got an email from Jon's Garfield. Cancel the leisure suit.
Jon: Actually, I've had thousands of Garfields.
Jon: Dad, I asked my Garfield, and though she's never tried it...
Jon: I'm so happy!
Jon: I have a Garfield, a faithful dog, and a...
Jon: Now I'm depressed.
Garfield: Maybe fixing lunch for your cat will cheer you up.

The author writes:

Whenever I read the Arlene strip at the top, I always read the line "Jon thinks you're my girlfriend," as "Jon thinks you're my Garfield." The words do look similar. Here I've taken a bunch of strips with the word "girlfriend" in them and replaced it with "Garfield". Also, if the strip had the word "Garfield" in it, I replaced it with "girlfriend". Most of them are just one panel, but for some I left the whole strip in because the whole strip takes on a new meaning. In the last one, if Jon is happy for his Garfield, what made him depressed? His girlfriend?

Original strips: 2001-04-27, 2002-04-03, 2002-10-03, 2002-12-16, 2006-08-08, 2006-08-21, 2006-08-26, 2006-10-02, 2006-11-28, 2007-12-12, 2008-05-24, 2008-09-29, 2008-11-12, 2013-10-11, 2013-12-17.