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No. 2171: Quadrupedfield, 1978

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Quadrupedfield, 1978

First | Previous | 2015-04-29 | Next | Latest

Strip by: NES Boy

Garfield: Furry, cuddly...
{Garfield runs}
{Garfield walks}
Garfield: The bouquet leaves something to be desired.
Garfield: And sharpen your claws on the living room drapes.
{Garfield walks with a steak in his mouth}
{Garfield runs around the armchair}
{Garfield chases a dog}
{Garfield walks with claws out}
Garfield: Maybe he won't notice.
SFX: clunk clunk clunk {Garfield walking with a jar on his paw}
Garfield: A blimp named Hindenburg. A ship named Titanic. A car named Edsel.
Garfield: How will I ever survive?
{Garfield sheds on Lyman's disco suit}
{Garfield walks}
Garfield: You know what a "diet" is, don't you?
Garfield: When the lasagna content in my blood gets low, I get mean.
{Jon drying a fluffy Garfield}
{Jon fixing the TV as Garfield walks away}
{Garfield chasing Odie}
{Garfield fleeing the car}
Garfield: The unbearable heat, sticky car seats, hay fever seasons and scorched lawns...
Garfield: oh ow eep ipp ooh aah ooch
{Garfield tiptoes past Lyman and Jon}
SFX: pant pant pant {Garfield begs for food}
Garfield: If it weren't for my naturally sweet nature, I'd make life rough for that dog.
SFX: boing! {Garfield bounces off an ottoman out the window}
Garfield: It wasn't the living room drapes, but I'll give it a seven.
{Garfield runs on a leash}
{Garfield walks up to Jon}
Jon: puff puff {Jon chases Garfield}
{Garfield walks by with Pookie in this mouth}
SFX: kaboing! kaboing! kaboing! {Garfield bounces around his food bowl}
Garfield: I can wait.
{Garfield walks to his food without getting out of bed}
Garfield: oh-oh. I feel a nap attack coming on.
Garfield: Cats need a balanced diet.
Jon: My rocking chair!
Garfield: Your kindling.
{Garfield bounces off the window sill, a chest of drawers, an armchair, and a footrest}
Garfield: With one possible exception...
{Garfield walks past Odie}
Garfield: Next time I'll leave a wake-up call at the desk.
{Garfield sheds past Jon}
{Jon brushes Garfield}
Garfield: Give the beggar a good coat of varnish.
{Garfield runs past Jon}
Lyman: Jon! Come quick!
Garfield: But when it comes to really neat playthings...
Santa Claus: Hmmm. {Garfield is sneaking up on Santa}

The author writes:

As I write this, the latest Garfield strip shows what is now a rarity: Garfield walking on all fours. (I recall a Sunday strip earlier this year approaching Jon in bed in the same manner.) This inspired me to make a series of strips highlighting every time Garfield is seen standing, walking, or running on all fours, using one panel each. As you can see, Garfield's quadrupedalism is a common sight in the first year alone. Granted, some of these could be considered a stretch (in fact, I hesitated whether to include 1978-09-11 or not). In total, there are at least 43 strips of Garfield acting like this in 1978.

Original strips: 1978-06-25, 1978-07-02, 1978-07-03, 1978-07-06, 1978-07-08, 1978-07-09, 1978-07-16, 1978-07-23, 1978-07-25, 1978-08-01, 1978-08-02, 1978-08-10, 1978-08-13, 1978-08-23, 1978-08-25, 1978-08-30, 1978-08-31, 1978-09-06, 1978-09-12, 1978-09-16, 1978-09-17, 1978-09-20, 1978-09-21, 1978-09-22, 1978-09-24, 1978-09-27, 1978-10-02, 1978-10-04, 1978-10-16, 1978-10-22, 1978-10-24, 1978-11-02, 1978-11-05, 1978-11-10, 1978-11-11, 1978-11-15, 1978-11-17, 1978-11-24, 1978-11-28, 1978-12-03, 1978-12-11, 1978-12-13, 1978-12-16, 1978-12-19, 1978-12-20, 1978-12-22.