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No. 2047: Mad Photobomber

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Mad Photobomber

First | Previous | 2014-12-26 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Justadoo444

{We see Garfield taking a selfie on his iPounce. Something quickly goes in and out of the panel and drops a tiny bomb, signified by the green arrow.}
{The bomb explodes, startling Jon (and his newspaper), making Jon spill his extremely strong (and to be extremely spilt) coffee.
{We see a joyful spider hanging from the ceiling. He is holding an iPounce Mini.
Spider: The Mad Photobomber Strikes Again!

The author writes:

Originally, the comic was just the spider photobombing Garfield, but now I added a literal photobomb and compressed the comic to a regular 3-paneler (What's with all the extra panels, anyway?). Have fun.

PS. Notice "Phony Mazuma" replacing "Jim Davis" on the third panel? That is from The Buck Book by Klutz (Or something like that) which featured a picture of a phony dollar which headlined this in the back. I found the book at my local barber (Thank You, Mr. Turnage). I also moved the floor to the top so it looks like the spider avoided the explosion.

Original strips: 1987-11-08, 2014-08-10.