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No. 165: Polterfield

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First | Previous | 2009-09-25 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Dataphile

{A fork and spoon play a rhythm on a glass and some crockery}
SFX: donk
SFX: dink
SFX: dinka
SFX: dinka, donka
SFX: dinka, donka, dunka
SFX: dinka, donka, dunka, splut
SFX: dinka, donka, dunka, bonk!

The author writes:

As I understand it, the humour behind Garfield Minus Garfield lies in the fact that much of the humour of Garfield lies in Garfield's responses to Jon's activities, and removing Garfield's snide commentary changes the focus to just how bizarre Jon is.

But then, not all Garfield strips follow this structure.

[[Original strip: 1986-08-17]]

Original strip: 1986-08-17.