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No. 1608: Impressions

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First | Previous | 2013-10-13 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Densetsu Bros

Garfield: Impressions.
Garfield: {with blanket over his head} Mona Lisa.
Jon: {poking his own eyes with his fingers} A bowling ball.
{Garfield sucks up Jon's food}
Garfield: A vacuum cleaner.
Garfield: {having torn Jon's pant leg} A tiger shark.
Garfield: {with head stuffed inside body} A turtle!
Jon: What the...?
Garfield: {flattened against the fourth wall} Moth on a windshield.
Garfield: {with lips inside Jon's glass} A motor boat.
Garfield: A clock!
{Odie sticks out his tongue to show a bird from a cuckoo clock}
SFX: Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
Garfield: Tah-dah!
Jon: Aren't they cute?
{Jon, Garfield, and Odie are in the car}
Jon: A pig!
Garfield: Oink oink.
Odie: Oink.
Jon: Oink oink.
Jon: A cow!
Garfield: Moo.
Odie: Moooo.
Jon: Moooo.
Jon: A possum!
SFX: Thump! Thump!
{Garfield and Odie play dead}
Jon: Very funny.
Garfield: {with limbs held out at various angles} Swiss Army Knife.
Garfield: {to Odie, who has rolled up his ears to look like Mickey Mouse} John Wayne?
Garfield: {in a running pose} Movement.
Garfield: {in a similar pose, but pointing forward} Hood ornament.
Jon: You know, Garfield...
Garfield: {pressed against the fourth wall with teeth like a rat} Rat in a mousetrap.
Jon: I'm getting tired of your stupid impressions.
Garfield: {his head looks like a radio} Okay, then, let's listen to the radio.

The author writes:

Garfield is a master of impressions.

Original strips: 1981-08-05, 1986-11-04, 1988-01-08, 1990-08-06, 1990-08-07, 1990-08-08, 1990-08-09, 1990-08-10, 1990-08-11, 1990-12-06, 1994-08-25, 1994-11-06.