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No. 1533: Garfield's Memory

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Garfield's Memory

First | Previous | 2013-07-30 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Rebecca O'Tool

SFX: Bonk {Garfield falls out of an armchair}
John: Oh no! He's lost his memory!
Garfield: I do seem to remember being hungry.
Garfield: ARRGH!
Garfield: I wonder if I'm going to like this Garfield?
Garfield: Don't be silly. I'm a grown cat. What would I need with a teddy bear?
Garfield: Amnesia has wiped my slate clean. I start establishing who I am today.
Garfield: I'm terribly sorry about that. You see, I'm not myself today.
Garfield:Amnesia is weird. This Garfield is like a total stranger to me.
Garfield: No, thank you. You wouldn't have a plump, juicy mouse, would you?
John: You just have to restore Garfield's memory, Doc.
{Jon, Liz, and Garfield stand in quiet defeat}
Liz: Perhaps Garfield's amnesia could be cured by lighly traumatizing his cranium.
Garfield: Hey! I remember! It's me! Garfield the cat!
John: Garfield? Who's Garfield?

The author writes:

This was the in-progress storyline the day I was born. I just clipped the most relevant panel from each strip to show Garfield's long strange trip to memory recovery.

Original strips: 1987-02-02, 1987-02-03, 1987-02-04, 1987-02-05, 1987-02-06, 1987-02-07, 1987-02-08, 1987-02-09, 1987-02-10, 1987-02-11, 1987-02-12, 1987-02-13, 1987-02-14.