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No. 1466: April of No Sundays: 2006

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April of No Sundays: 2006

First | Previous | 2013-05-24 | Next | Latest

Strip by: tardis2334

{While Garfield sleeps, Odie looks at the window and sees a bird}
Garfield: Z
Odie: BARK
{The bird is gone, Odie is asleep and Garfield is awake and his fur is fluffed}
Odie: Z
{Jon is holding a bowl of cat food}
Jon: Other cats meow when they want their food.
Garfield: ...line?
Jon: MEOW!
{The bowl has been thrown in Jon's face}
{Jon walks into his bedroom}
Jon: Yawn
SFX: click {he turns out the light}
{Jon has to lie on his bedroom floor, as Garfield and Odie are asleep on his bed. Jon shoots a disgusted glare at the reader.}
{Jon is on the telephone}
Jon: You see, it's been quiet a while since I had a date...
Jon: And I'm about as desperate as a monkey in a banana famine.
{He hangs up the telephone}
Jon: I've gotta work on my smiles.
Garfield: Or grow a tail...
SFX: Click {Garfield reaches an arm through a pet door and turns the doorknob. He walks through the door.}
Jon: Too good for the pet door?
Garfield: It's a dignity thing.

The author writes:

Another collection of shortened Sundays. I chose to do a whole month, and the month of April 2006 happened to fall into this. The last one was the easiest.

Original strips: 2006-04-02, 2006-04-09, 2006-04-16, 2006-04-23, 2006-04-30.