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No. 1397: Spot the Difference

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Spot the Difference

First | Previous | 2013-03-16 | Next | Latest

Strip by: qvaak

Headline: Can you tell what's a derivative work... ...and what are genuine panels of Garfield
Rooster-Jon: blah blah blah blah blah...
{A miniature Jon writes with a giant pencil}
{Garfield opens the door to see Garfield}
Grafield: Call our lawyer.
TV: This has been "Writer's Block Theatre"
Garfield: {empty thought bubble}
Garfield: {lying on top of a doghouse} Sigh
{Garfield is walking, floating above the ground}

The author writes:

OK. That was sort of a trick question. Even though one of the panels is from a derivative work (by yours truly), the change I made is relatively subtle. So the "strange" in all panels is genuine "Jim Davis".

You might have laughs about how dull and by-the-book Garfield is, but when one creates thousands and thousands of strips, there are bound to be some peculiar pearls here and there. Sometimes our derivative works seem very much like just another Garfield strip - from the crazier end of the spectrum.

Original strips: 2000-05-27, 2000-10-08, 2000-11-04, 2006-03-03, 2006-03-07, 2008-04-21, 2010-01-27.