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No. 1380: Garfield of Dreams

First | Previous | 2013-02-27 | Next | Latest

Garfield of Dreams

First | Previous | 2013-02-27 | Next | Latest

Strip by: kotomikun

{Garfield, asleep}
Garfield: That was a day well spent.
Jon: Garfield, get up. It's almost noon.
Jon: We should do something.
Garfield {as if presenting the solution}: Z
{Jon is not amused}
Jon: You could at least fake it!
Mouse {faking, asleep}: Oh no, don't eat me.
Garfield {also faking, also asleep}: Die, vermin.
Garfield: Z, meow
{Jon looks shocked}
Jon {walking away with a bored expression}: Still breathing, I see.
Garfield: Whew, now I can relax.
Garfield {sitting on a fence with his cat girlfriend}: Z
Garfield {alone}: BURP
{numerous birthday candles march across the floor}
Garfield: Definitely one of my more depressing birthday nightmares.
Walking Brain: Hi! I'm your age nightmare!
Garfield: What are YOU doing here?
Jon: You know how to waste time, don't you?
Garfield: Z
Jon: What do you think, "Flash"?
Garfield: Flash agrees with Liz.
Garfield: SNORRE
{Garfield and a grey cat lying on the grass}
Garfield: Z
Grey Cat: Z
{a mouse lounges against Garfield, who is still asleep}
Mouse: I couldn't remember what I was on vacation from.
Garfield: I've done that.
{back to just the perpetually sleeping Garfield}
Garfield: I wonder if life is still out there?

The author writes:

A frame of Garfield sleeping from every comic in 2012 that contained such a frame, ordered by date. The frames were chosen from each original comic either out of a hopeless attempt to have the result make some sort of sense, or by necessity due to there being only one frame of Garfield sleeping, or because I had to choose the only frame that mentions the comic is a dream so you wouldn't think I was cheating. Carefully arranged into a rectangle, so that it's a field in both shape and... uh... gar.

I was surprised how few applicable comics there were—only 19, and two of them are dreams. It was nearly as surprising as the fact that both this idea and this painful pun had not been used yet.

Also, it kinda looks like that grey cat in the bottom center morphed himself into the mouse in the next panel. Which was a smart move, because panels 9 and 10 imply that Garfield suffers from sleep-cannibalism.

Original strips: 2012-01-21, 2012-02-19, 2012-03-19, 2012-03-20, 2012-03-26, 2012-04-07, 2012-04-19, 2012-05-14, 2012-05-20, 2012-05-27, 2012-06-17, 2012-06-18, 2012-08-06, 2012-08-28, 2012-09-13, 2012-09-16, 2012-09-22, 2012-09-24, 2012-11-15.