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No. 1343: Foreshadowing


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Strip by: Cody

Jon: I wonder what my fortune cookie says.
Jon: "A tall, beautiful blonde will change your life."
Caption: 15 years later...
Jon: {to a tall, beautiful blonde} Just how bad is your amnesia?

The author writes:

While browsing the archives, I came across the 1991-01-18 strip. Jon's fortune cookie says "A tall, beautiful blonde will change your life". Of course, it was just a gag for one strip. Something that would never turn up again. However, if you consider the storyline from 2006 where Liz finally gave in and agreed to go out with Jon, it was "a tall, beautiful blonde" (Ellen, seen here, of course) that caused the event to occur. Foreshadowing, perhaps? Take this to the forums, folks.

Original strips: 1991-01-18, 2006-07-20.