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No. 1217: Dog-Eating Treets

Dog-Eating Treets

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Strip by: The Madb

{Odie has his head in a box marked "Doggy Treets" as Garfield smirks to the audience.}
{SFX: munch munch munch}
Garfield: Odie is enjoying a little snack.
{The box now covers more of Odie. Garfield stares in horror.}
{SFX: munch munch munch}
{The box has consumed almost all of Odie as Garfield looks back to the audience, eyes still wide.}
{SFX: munch munch munch}
Garfield: Or it's enjoying him.

The author writes:

It seemed appropriate. I keep killing Garfield off, it was Odie's turn... and today's strip was perfect for it.

Original strip: 2012-08-08.