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No. 118: Cold-Warm Involution Garfield

Cold-Warm Involution Garfield

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Strip by: Andrew Collier

Garfield: Spring is here.
Garfield: The warm spring sum is coaxing trees to bud and flowers to bloom. Fledgling songbirds are testing their lilting voices. Soft spring zephyrs are wafting the sweet scent of lilacs. Spring is here.
Garfield: Big, fat hairy deal.

The author writes:

Words are from 1979-04-03 and pictures are from 1978-10-06 (slightly edited to fit) with a "Cold-Warm Involution" filter applied to the image. This is a colour transformation which maps the cold colours (e.g. blue, green) onto to warm ones (e.g. red, orange), and vice versa. Either way, no matter whether the colours and the weather are cold or warm, it looks like Garfield is happiest indoors and in bed.