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No. 1050: Garfield Plus Censored Violence

Garfield Plus Censored Violence

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Strip by: pookypal

{Jon is sipping his coffee}
[SFX]: Slup
Jon: My coffee's cold.
Jon: Boy, I hate cold coffee. Hate it, hate it, hate it.
{Garfield has an upset look on his face}
Jon: Nope, there's nothing in the world worse than cold coffee.
{Garfield has his hand on the table and is slapping his hand on the table}
[SFX]: Slap slap slap
Jon: I bet if I tried as hard as I could, I couldn't possibly think of anything worse than cold coffee.
{Garfield's eye twitches}
[SFX]: Twitch twitch
{Garfield pulls out a knife and pulls Jon's pants}
[SFX]: Skreenk
Caption: The cartoonist has elected not to show this panel due to its graphic nature.

The author writes:

The original strip for most of this is one of my favourite Garfield strips simply because of the penultimate panel. I actually don't remember how I thought this up, though, but I think if I did show the actions in the last panel (which I wasn't intending to), this would probably meet the limit of the PG rating.

Original strips: 2001-03-11, 2005-04-30.