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No. 1028: Seven More No Sundays

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Seven More No Sundays

First | Previous | 2012-03-12 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Damian Yerrick

Garfield: I'll cover this with branches and play a little trick on Odie.
SFX: Boing!
Garfield: Something's not right.
{Odie in background holds a bone in his mouth.}
Garfield: Oh no! It's the old rubber hole gag!
Garfield: Hmm... The little light in the refrigerator has burned out.
{Garfield holds a much larger light bulb.}
Garfield: That dinky thing was never bright enough.
{Outside view of the house. Suddenly light shoots out of the house.}
Jon {inside): Garfield!
{Garfield smells a flower and discards it, surprising a nearby bee.}
{The bee strikes Garfield with the flower.}
Garfield: Do you realize the responsibility attendant to being Garfield? Eating? Naps? Kicking Odie?
Garfield: Why can't I be you?... All carefree and silly?
Garfield: Hyuh! Hyuh! Hyuh!
Jon: Complex little creatures, aren't they?
Jon {holding telephone receiver}: Hello?
{Jon becomes alarmed}
Jon: You texted Santa?!!
Garfield: Hey, his e-mail server has been down all morning.
Garfield: If I ate mice, I wouldn't have to wait around for Jon to feed me.
Floyd: You don't want to do that.
Garfield: Why not?
Floyd: Have you seen the mice in this house?
SFX: Bump!
Garfield: The bump in the night... It's getting louder! It's coming this way!...
SFX: Bump!
Garfield {offscreen}: Eeeyaaaahhh!!
{Jon wakes.}
Garfield: It's cold out here.
Troll: I thed I'm thorry.

The author writes:

I was inspired by qvaak's and tardis2334's 7- to 3-panel condensed versions (#109, #610) to make a few 3-panels of my own.

Oh, and "texting" is probably the closest modern equivalent to pagers, so I went with that.

Original strips: 1985-06-16, 1994-07-10, 1995-06-25, 2002-06-23, 2003-12-21, 2006-01-15, 2006-01-22.