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No. 1009: Garfield Plus Superlatively Updated Palaeontology

Garfield Plus Superlatively Updated Palaeontology

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Strip by: MadDogBV

Garfield: Yep, I've eaten a lot of vertebrates.
Nermal: Really?
Garfield: Went to the south pole once and ate a penguin.
Nermal: Wow!
Garfield: Went back in time and ate an archaeopteryx.
Nermal: Wait a minute...

The author writes:

When looking at unstattedCommoner's and then Lunatic Person's submission, I noticed that a lot of the absurd humour that was seen in the original comic had been substituted for accuracy. Continuing this trend, I noted that contemporary taxonomists are more likely to consider the archaeopteryx a "non-avialan dinosaur". If it cannot be considered a bird, then Garfield is either lying or misinformed by referring to the archaeopteryx as a bird he's eaten in his time. Thus, this comic is updated for accuracy by categorising by phylum, rather than class.

And now it's perfectly accurate and unfunny.

Original strip: 1996-01-13.