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No. 9: A Form of Madness

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A Form of Madness

First | Previous | 2015-03-25 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{a first-person view of a table, supporting a newspaper containing horoscopes, a couple of rune stones, an apparently empty ziplock bag labelled "Dehydrated homeopathic water - gluten free"; and ourprotagonists' hands, holding a pencil and an order form over the table)

Form text: Free of Mind - Alternative Therapies - Order Form
[followed by some irrelevant stuff]
Form text: How did you hear about us? Our website / Ouija board / Personal angel / Quantum leaping / Tea leaves / ELS/Bible codes / Third eye / Spirit channelling / Alien abduction / 1,000-year-old prophecy / Rune stones / Word of mouth
Form text: PRIVACY STATEMENT: We will not divulge your contact details, credit card information, chakra readings or aura colour to any third party.

The author writes:

How does dehydrated homeopathic water work? I'm glad you asked.

First, they take the active ingredient, in this case, water. Then they dilute it with an inert substance (in this case water) billions of times, till none of the original active water is left. But you see, the diluting water is smart, and retains a memory of the original active ingredient water, even though none of the original water remains. And by diluting it this much, it becomes More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine, since less is more, right?

Now, it's kind of pointless and wasteful shipping around this diluting water, since it's not actually the potent ingredient, which is where this gets really clever. They now dehydrate the water, leaving only the memory of the other water behind. And by dehydrating it, they're taking the memories, which are really powerful because they're so dilute, and making them more powerful by concentrating them.

I must admit I don't entirely understand it, but it's like science or something. Oh, and somewhere along the way, they made sure there wasn't any gluten in it, because that's important too.

Pencilled and inked by hand, scanned and coloured in Inkscape.