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No. 53: Cletus and Billybobus

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Cletus and Billybobus

First | Previous | 2016-01-27 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Two rough-looking men sit in the back of a horse-drawn cart, holding crossbows. They are both wearing Roman legionary helmets, modified to look more like feed caps, as well as some odd pieces of Roman armour. One man, dressed in a plaid flannel tunic has a dog with a studded collar. The other man, dressed in a camouflage tunic, is drinking from an amphora marked "XXX". His cap/helmet has the word "[C]ERVISIA" printed on the front. The cart has a bumper sticker "ELIGENDAM I CALIGUL[A]." The cart has two bright lanterns suspended above it, lighting up the night for a bit of shooting.}


The author writes:

Cue corrections to my Latin and my depiction of Roman clothing and technology, as well as pointing out of anachronisms. :-)

This was originally going to be Medieval Rednecks, but I decided it would work better with Romans - the Roman armour has a more recognisable "military" feel (for that not-sure-if-I'm-huntin-varmints-or-practising-defending-myself-against-the-guvrmnt-and-what's-the-difference-anyway look), and the helmets looked easier to convert to feed-cap style. And amphoras are probably fairly recognisable. But I probably could have written mock Middle English more easily than bad Latin, and it would have been more quickly understood by readers. I suppose I could try A-B testing next time.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.