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No. 42: Polyclot

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

heading: The Island of Dr Moreaulittle
{Dr Moreaulittle is talking to his parrot Polynesia}

Dr: Polynesia! I want you to teach me everything you know!

Dr: If I could talk... to the *manimals*...

Dr (singing): Just imagine it!

{Dr Moreaulittle with a humanzee dressed the same.}
Chatting with a freak in humanzee!

{A saw with blood dripping from it.}
Perverting medical technique,

{A strange koala-sloth with a human-like face.}
Misbegetting things unique!

{An infant with a head like an angry chihuahua.}
What a neat achievement that would be!

The bottom of the strip is roughly hacked off like bleeding skin.

caption: This strip was tragically cut short before the experiment was complete. To be continued next week.

The author writes:

Now, in the long tradition of making musicals from the works of H.G. Wells, that began in 1978 with Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, and ended in 1978 with Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, I bring you The Island of Dr Moreaulittle, borrowing a little (get it?) from Hugh Lofting.

OK, so there have actually been other Wells musicalisations, but I hadn't heard of them before, so they hardly count, do they?

This comic is based on an idea I've had kicking around in the corners of my mind for years. I'd like to do it as an animation, with music, but that will require me to get set up to do animation, so it isn't going to happen soon. It's longer than my usual strips, so I'm splitting it up into multiple strips. I had planned making it into two, but I ran out of time to finish the first one, so it will probably be three or four.

Drawn in Inkscape.