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No. 194: With this power, I could be a little invincible!

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With this power, I could be a little invincible!

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/pomh/?comic=194

Strip by: Ian Boreham

title: Not-so-good Magical Artefacts

{A necklace with a pendant in the form of a bull at a gate. A barbarian wearing the necklace is charging at a dragon.}
caption: Necklace of Reckless: Wearer becomes a Berserker. +1 STR -3 INT -3 WIS.

{A wizard wearing many gold chains and a ring with a very large stone set in it is impressing a lady.}
caption: Ring of Bling: +2 CHA towards characters who like bling. Otherwise -2 CHA.

{A man wears a helmet surmounted by a waving hand crest.}
man: Why, hello there, my good fellow!
caption: Helmet of Well Met: +1 CHA. Wearing character feels self-conscious, but interacting characters don't notice the helmet.

{A man with a very rubber face is pulling an extreme "humorous" facial expression. He wears a vambrace with the happy-sad drama masks symbol.}
caption: Vambrace of Ham Face: Allows wearer to pull off over-the-top facial expressions.

{An armoured knight sits atop an unhappy diminutive horse. His corselet bears a childish horseshoe logo.}
caption: Corselet of Horselet: Wearer can summon a small pony. Limitation: corselet is heavy; pony is very small.

{A warrior, wearing winged greaves, dodges an arrow.}
caption: Greaves of Weaves: +3 DEX, increased speed. Side-effect: makes hair longer.

{A gauntlet is permanently set into a rude gesture. It bears the words "Verily thou sucketh".}
caption: Gauntlet of Tauntlet: Opponents must make saving throw against being enraged, or are provoked into immediate combat.
-1 DEX.

{A stupid-looking man wears a torc inscribed with the words "I'm with Stupid".}
caption: Torc of Dork: CURSED ARTEFACT +/-2 STR (50% chance each way) -2 INT -3 CHA. Can’t be removed except by magic.

{A woman is sleeping in a bed inside a very large chest.}
caption: Chest of Rest: Provides a bed anywhere. Allows short rest to be treated as long rest. User is safe while chest is closed. User must save vs. Monday mornings to exit the chest.

{An armoured elf wears a large pot-shaped pauldron.}
caption: Pauldron of Cauldron: Can also be used as a cauldron. Not actually a magic item.

The author writes:

One of the longer strips that I kept putting off in favour of quick ones. I finally got around to it. I hope you find it a little bit enchanting.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.