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No. 19: Time to save the day!

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Time to save the day!

First | Previous | 2015-06-03 | Next | Latest

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Inside ChronoPedant's secret base, our superhero looks up at a large screen on the wall. There is a cuckoo clock next to the screen. On the screen a giant version of a supervillain's face is displayed.}

Supervillain: ChronoPedant! It is now 12 noon. At precisely 12:30 pm, a nuclear device will be detonated somewhere in this city, killing all those innocent people you claim to protect.

{Close-cropped view of ChronoPedant's ridiculously square-jawed face, showing his logo, an hourglass, on his headband.}

ChronoPedant: Not on my watch!

{Zoomed out, showing ChronoPedant's costume: Bright green lycra, with dark blue gloves, and a fancy paisley waistcoat, complete with a gold-chained pocketwatch. He is looking gleefully down at his gold wristwatch.}

ChronoPedant: In fact, on my watch it's 1 pm.

ChronoPedant: You've forgotten about a little thing called "daylight saving"...

{ChronoPedant grins smugly, waiting for a response.}

{ChronoPedant falters, looking embarrassed.}

ChronoPedant: Oookay. So, er...still just 30 minutes, then?

{Supervillain looks miffed.}

Supervillain: 25 now. You always ruin everything.

The author writes:

I discovered while writing this strip how hard it is to come up with a name for a superhero that hasn't already been used. Several of the silly generic time-related superhero names I tried had already been used, with similar silly costumes, for "serious" superheroes.

I'm not actually sure what ChronoPedant's superpowers are. For his sake, I hope they extend beyond fancy timepieces and knowledge of timezones. He was probably in demand when the whole Y2K crisis happened, though. Maybe he's the one that saved us from ambiguous-date-fuelled global meltdown.

I have been known to read a webcomic or two :-), but I generally don't read superhero comics. I don't have anything against superheroes per se, but I find it annoying that they tend to all dress in spandex and have monogrammed and be-logo-ed gear. And they tend to use their superpowers in rather suboptimal ways. And...oh, whatever. Please continue enjoying their antics.

Oh, by the way, this strip is most definitely not an invitation to make a large number of time-related superhero tag-lines and puns in the forum. Oh, no... Not in the slightest.

Drawn in Krita with text added in Inkscape.