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No. 176: They practice evacuation every day.

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They practice evacuation every day.

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{A room in a kopi luwak factory. A stream of bleary-eyed Asian palm civets are appearing through a doorway (from the bowels of the building), and lining up holding large coffee-mug-like bowls, blazoned with "humorous" coffee-themed slogans. They fill the bowls with coffee beans at a machine labelled "the bean machine". They make their way to a lunch-room table, where they consume their coffee beans, brighten up considerably from the hit of caffeine, and stride purposefully towards the toilets, labelled "Production Facility".}
mug text: "MONDAY", "Bean Freak", "CAFFEINE", "no decaf zone", "Coffee makes me poop", "I'm not addicted, I just love my coffee", "Not a civet till I've had my coffee", "Full of beans".
caption: How I imagine the daily routine in the kopi luwak factory.

The author writes:

Kopi luwak, "civet coffee", or "weasel coffee", if you haven't come across it, is coffee made from the partly digested coffee berries that have been through the digestive tract of the luwak, or palm civet. I first heard of it from the movie The Bucket List.

Originally it was made by Indonesian workers who weren't allowed to pick coffee for themselves, but who could find coffee-filled civet poo and make coffee from that. These days, it's considered real gourmet s*&t.

Unfortunately, its reputation has opened a market, encouraging people to capture palm civets and force-feed them coffee.

I believe it takes about a day for the coffee to pass through, so I should expand my mental factory model with a day spa or a snooze room or something.

As I drew these, I realised they started looking more like meerkats with bushy tails. But I thought they looked cute, so I left them that way.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.