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No. 16: Cartounche

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{An armoured knight is seated on a white horse, holding a lance. His head is not helmeted, but is bald, and he has a sinister look on his face, like, oh, I don't know...Imhotep from The Mummy. A swirling swarm of scarabs are following him.}
title in cartouche: Don Qui-Hotep

The author writes:

annotation: I had to knock this one up quickly, so I looked through my ideas list for something with only one frame, and no dialogue to polish. While I was sketching it, I thought "I'll save time on this by just inking it and not colouring it. I haven't done a plain ink drawing for many years. It'll be fun!"

Well, so much for saving time. I was thinking I'd go for some simple, clean linework, but I couldn't get the face looking like Arnold Vosloo's, so I'll add a bit more shading. A crosshatch here, a crosshatch there. Hmmm. And you can't just crosshatch the face. Better do some more elsewhere too.

And then I remembered that if you crosshatch everywhere, then everything ends up roughly the same shade of crosshatched grey. And then you have to fix it.

Drawn in Krita. It's not as easy to control the stylus as a pen, but being able to erase later makes up for it.