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No. 149: Barfly

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First | Previous | 2017-11-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/pomh/?comic=149

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{In an insect bar, a butterfly with large eye-spots on her wings is talking brusquely to a male ladybird/ladybug who is staring, mesmerised, at the eye-spots. She points at her eyes.}
butterfly: Hey, Mister! My eyes are down here!

The author writes:

Oh, the curse of Batesian mimicry. How many careers and lives have been ruined by it?

Of course the eye spots are likely to be evolved to scare off small predators (like rodents) by simulating a larger predator (like an owl), but that's probably not the greatest inaccuracy in this strip.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.