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No. 147: Should try AB+ testing

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Should try AB+ testing

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/pomh/?comic=147

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Two vampires are chatting over a glass of... red wine?}
tall vampire: Come on, it’s the twenty-first bloody century! You still believe holy water’s harmful? Total rubbish!
short vampire: Are you positive? Prove it!
tall vampire: I’m sanguine about it. But, no sense in taking unnecessary risks. We should use science to prove it’s harmless first.
short vampire: How? Testing it on another vampire?
tall vampire: Of course not! We should use humans.
short vampire: But we already know humans aren’t affected! They make the damned stuff, for evil’s sake.
tall vampire: So, we get a human that’s been bitten, and test the holy water on it.
short vampire: Evil grief, man! You’re suggesting testing it on... embryos?!
tall vampire: Something in that vein.

The author writes:

Could you invite me in? I'm not a vampire, honest!

Just a little sample of vampire humour to inject some fresh blood into the comic.

I originally drew this strip up in ink on paper, years ago, but mislaid it for some Rhesun. A grave mistake. (It made me so sick I was coffin'. I was in a trance... ill... veinier than usual...) I knew I couldn't Count on finding it again, so I batted around the idea of redrawing it, and eventually bit the bullet. Now that I've redrawn it, I'm willing to stake a bet that I'll find the original within a week. That would suck. It would make me cross!

Fangs for coming! I'll be here till necks week! (But only from dusk till dawn. My eyes don't like the sunlight - it tends to sear 'em.)