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No. 136: 64-bit words of wisdom

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64-bit words of wisdom

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

title: If they were programmers...
{A collection of famous people reimagined as (mostly) modern-day computer programmers.}

William of Ockham/Occam: Do not multiply dependencies beyond necessity.
Martin Luther King Junior: They will not be judged by the encoding of the string, but by the content of those characters!
Jean-Paul Sartre: Hell is other people's code.
Muhammad Ali: I am the integration test!
Winston Churchill: Never in the field of resolving merge conflicts was so much code, by so many, so annoying to yours truly.
Adolf Hitler: Seek file!!!
Julius Caesar: I compressed. I sorted. I divided and conquered.
Nelson Mandela: If you import a file into a program in a format it understands, that goes to its parser. If you talk to it in its native format, that is loaded directly into memory.
Charles Darwin: You know, I think I’ll solve this with a genetic algorithm.
Darwin's colleague: Again?!
Abraham Lincoln: Give me six hours to traverse a complex tree structure, and I will spend the first four sharpening the algorithm.
JFK: Ask not what your compiler can optimise automatically for you - ask what optimisation settings you can choose on your compiler.
William Shakespeare: 0b10 || ! 0b10
Gandhi: First they issue compilation errors, then they issue warnings, then you have runtime errors, then you win.

The author writes:

Hopefully enough of the figures are recognisable from their appearance or speech. And hopefully the jokes aren't too nerdy that only a professional programmer can get them.

Drawn in Krita and in Inkscape.