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No. 122: Quip it chimple, estupid!

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Quip it chimple, estupid!

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/pomh/?comic=122

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Spider-Woman is seated at a table, eating quiche.}
caption: Quiche of the Spider-Woman

{A death-row prisoner is seated excitedly in front of a plate of quiche.}
guard [off-screen]: I'll be back in an hour for your final walk, Jimbo.
caption: A Quiche Before Dying

{A man is seated at a table, eating quiche, of which plenty more is still waiting.}
partner [off-screen]: I'm going to bed. When you've fiiiinally finished, clear the table.
caption: The Long Quiche Goodnight

{A bowl of soup and a bread roll. Waiting beyond these is a plate of quiche.}
caption: Prelude to a Quiche

{Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is flying through the sky, and the occupants are carrying quiche.}
caption: Quiche Quiche, Bang Bang

{A wine glass has lumps of food stuck to the rim and lipstick marks.}
caption: Quiche and Make-up

{Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden are being offered the quiche of knowledge of good and evil by a serpent.}
caption: Quiche of the Serpent

{Somebody is visiting the refrigerator in the middle of the night.}
caption: A Quiche at Midnight

{A bride is being slapped in the face with a quiche.}
caption: Quiche the Bride

{Three bridesmaids are all being slapped in the face with quiches.}
caption: Quiche the Girls

{An arrogant-looking chap is seated in front of a piece of quiche.}
man: This quiche smells like bitter almonds!
partner [off-screen]: It's a new recipe. I got it off the internet.
caption: Quiche of Death

{Fred Graham/Petruchio of "Kiss me Kate" is spanking "Lilli Vanessi/Katharine", who is slapping him in the face with a quiche.}
caption: Quiche Me Kate

{William Shakespeare is seated in front of a piece of paper and a quill pen.}
Anne Hathaway [off-screen]: Will! Dinner time!
caption: Quiche or Quill

{A stack of dishes and cutlery, with the remains of a slice of quiche on the bottom plate.}
caption: It Started With a Quiche

{An envelope with a miniature quiche in the middle, holding the flap closed.}
caption: Sealed With a Quiche

The author writes:

I probably won't mind not having to draw any more quiches for a while.

This was meant to be a quick-and-easy strip (black-and-white, line art only, cartoony, off-screen characters), because I'm working my way up to launching another comic-related project, and I have to get the time from somewhere. (You heard it here first, folks! Unless I told you about it in person some other time, in which case I guess not. More to come on that when it gets closer to being ready, but it will probably mean reducing the frequency of PoMH due to the law of Conservation of Ian's Free Time.)

Strangely, though, in spite of being supposedly quick and easy, it somehow managed to grow and fill up the time available.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.