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No. 118: Monicas

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

{Chewbacca and Han Solo are facing off some enemies.}
Chewbacca: Aauuaaauuuggaaaahhh!!!!!* (* I'd bite their heads off, but those stormtrooper helmets look chewie.)
Han: It's OK, buddy. I can handle 'em solo.

{Darth Vader has just taken over Princess Leia's ship, an is holding a crewmember up by the throat.}
Darth Vader: There appears to be a dearth of death star plans on this ship.

{In a medical facility, Padmé has just given birth to Luke. Obi-Wan is holding him so Padmé can see him.}
Obi-Wan: Aw, just Luke at this cute little boy!

{Obi-Wan looks up as the "robstetrican" hands over baby Leia.}
Obi-Wan: Oh. That adds a Leia of complication.

{Sabé, the royal decoy, is dressed in all her finery, while Padmé looks sidelong at her.}
Padmé: it's not fair. You're only the decoy, but they give you all that royal armor. They should at least pad me.

{See Threepio and Artoo Detoo are standing in a corridor with Bail Organa and Wedge Antilles.}
Artoo: Ha-ha! You're gonna get your mind wiped!
Threepio: Am not!
Artoo: Artoo!

{Bail Organa is standing on a platform near his flying car, being warned away by clone troopers.}
Bail Organa: Ah, yeah. You guys are right. I should just bail at this point.

The author writes:

Just a bit of silliness today.

I grew up thinking "dearth" was pronounced the same as "Darth". I don't remember if I just got confused because of "hearth", or whether someone like a teacher told me that was how it was pronounced. I do have memories of teachers confidently telling me wrong things. (Such as "separate" is an adjective, and "seperate" is a verb. WTH?!? It took me a while to unlearn that idiocy.)

When I was researching this, I found someone's compilation of "Keira Knightley" scenes in Star Wars, and thought they must have meant "Natalie Portman". Only then did I find out that Keira Knightley was in it as Sabé. Oops! When I watched the movie (I've only seen the prequels once, just so you know), I just assumed they had done a split-screen sort of thing, and that it was all Natalie. Now I get why she was putting on a posh accent for all the formal scenes, but sounded all folksy and girl-next-door in private. At the time, I thought it was intentional, but it might be partly because they were different actors with different nationalities and backgrounds.

It's a shame there's no character in Star Wars called "Monica".

Whenever I do a Star Wars-themed strip, I worry about whether any of the jokes have already been done in Darths and Droids, but I figure Googling is probably as good a way as any to check that. Some (like in this strip) would be hard to find, though. If I just came up with the same joke independently, I'd be annoyed, but there's also the possibility of remembering a joke from one of the DnD writing sessions I've dropped in on, and forgetting it was someone else's idea. That would be really embarrassing.

Drawn in Krita using screencaps from the Star Wars movies.