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Episode A.22: The Counter-Clock Incident


If you search online, you discover that the reception of this episode is decidedly mixed. Several review sources decry it as one of the worst episodes of the Animated Series, if not the worst, citing its ridiculous premise and logical plot holes. Others call it one of the best episodes of the series, lauding the compelling human story as being on par with some of the best of the Original Series.

I tend to be fairly forgiving of scientific credibility in something as obviously science-fantastic as Star Trek, so for me the rather touching story about ageing, senescence, and the ability to be productive members of society into old age won out over the admittedly ludicrous "reverse ageing" schtick. And honestly, much of the Animated Series was pretty dire, so this one stands out as a better effort. At any rate, it's certainly a much better ending that "Turnabout Intruder".

And there we have it! The end of the Animated Series! This marks the end of the original cast of Star Trek on television, but not quite the end of Planet of Hats. I intend presenting comics of the original cast feature films, from The Motion Picture to The Undiscovered Country, as a finale. However, I will take a break for a while, as I have other projects that require attention, as well as both an overseas business trip and a vacation coming up in the next few months.

Next week I'll present a recap of my favourite panels from all the episodes of the Animated Series. Following that, the next episode of Planet of Hats will appear on Wednesday, 4 January, 2017. See you then for the final frontier!


Captain's log, Stardate 6770.3. Taking Commodore Robert April to Babel, for honours on his mandatory retirement as an ambassador.
McCoy: Sarah was the first medical officer on Enterprise.
Sarah: I have this symbolic flower, which is dying of old age.
{exterior, space with ships and nova}
Sulu: A ship entering the Beta Niobe nova!
Kirk: Tractor beam, Mr Sulu! Stop it!
Karla: Demood ma I ro pihs ym esaeler!
{exterior, white space with black stars}
Spock: We have been pulled through the nova into a negative universe. We are aging backwards.
{on the planet Arret}
Karla: I am Karla 5. My son, Karl 4, will assist you.
Kirk: Son?
Spock: Most logical. One is born at an old age, and dies in infancy.
McCoy: Holy Mork from Ork, Jim.
{Enterprise bridge}
Caption: They return through a nova, but:
Commodore April: The crew are children and I am a young man! I command Enterprise one last time.
Sarah: We can restore them using the transporters. But we can stay young.
Commodore April: No, our life has been wonderful. Let's age with dignity.
{everything is back to normal}
Uhura: Incoming message: Seniors are not useless after all. Mandatory retirement rescinded!
Kirk: Your flower has bloomed again.
McCoy: Holy subtle metaphors!

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